Python Tutorial

Unofficial igraph Python Tutorial
This is a fairly incomplete but somewhat usable Python tutorial. This will grow to a fully fledged documentation of igraph's Python interface if I have some spare time.

igraph Sample code
This page showcases several screenshots and sample code for producing the images seen in the screenshots. The examples are written in Python and R.

Other tips to get you started
(the first two steps are specific to Windows)
1. Install igraph in your \python\Lib\site-packages directory - if you have downloaded the .exe installer that should be straightforward.
2. To build your first graph, start …\igraph\app\
3. Type something - you may lookup the tests in the …\igraph\test\ directory for inspiration. For example, from you may find some ways of constructing a simple graph - try g=Graph([(0,1),(1,2)]) , or g=Tree(3,5)
4. Try g.get_adjlist() and see what you get.
5. Check the section for Graph Class in the reference manual to understand what you have done.

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