Install igraph for plot

Graph plotting in igraph on Windows:cairo

Graph plotting in igraph is implemented using a third-party package called Cairo . If you want to create publication-quality plots in igraph on Windows, you must also install Cairo and its Python bindings. The Cairo project does not provide pre-compiled binaries for Windows, but other projects depending on Cairo do, so the preferred way to install Cairo on Windows along with its Python bindings is as follows:
Get the latest PyCairo. Make sure you grab the one that matches your Python version.

Install PyCairo using the installer. The installer extracts the necessary files into Lib\site-packages\cairo within the folder where Python is installed. Unfortunately there are some extra DLLs which are required to make Cairo work, so we have to get these as well.

Head to and get the binary versions of Cairo ( at the time of writing), Fontconfig ( ), Freetype ( ), Expat ( ), libpng ( ) and zlib ( ). Version numbers may vary, so be adaptive! Each ZIP file will contain a bin subfolder with a DLL file in it. Put the following DLLs in Lib\site-packages\cairo within your Python installation:
freetype6.dll (from )
libcairo-2.dll (from )
libexpat-1.dll (from )
libfontconfig-1.dll (from )
libpng14-14.dll (from )
zlib1.dll (from ).

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